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Welcome to the home page of the Committee on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics.

This committee is concerned with the development, validation, and dissemination of theoretical, experimental, and applied research on traffic flow theory and traffic flow characteristics and the determination of the relationship of traffic flow theory and traffic flow characteristics to the planning, design and operation of transportation systems.

SimSub: Our committee is one of seven committees to jointly sponsor the Simulation Sub-Committee AHB45(1):

Committee Chair SimSub Liaison
AHB45 Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics R. Bertini G. List, Chair
AHB40 Highway Capacity and Quality of Service L. Elefteriadou A. Skabardonis
AHB20 Freeway Operations J. Obenberger P. Prevedouros
AHB25 Traffic Signal Systems P. Koonce B. Park
ADB30 Transportation Network Modeling E. Miller-Hooks H. Liu
AHB55 Work Zone Traffic Control G. Ullman R. Benekohal
ADC20 Transportation and Air Quality J. Lin Y. Chiu

TRB Publications
Since 1963 the Committee on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics (and its predecessor committees) have contributed 520 papers to 60 issues of the Transportation Research Record (previously the Highway Research Record). These papers have been cited more than 10,000 times according to Google Scholar (thanks to Ethan Xuan). We invite your comments on these papers—how have they influenced research or practice? Do you cite them?
ISTTT Publications
The International Symposium on Traffic and Transportation Theory (ISTTT) has produced 645 papers since 1959, that have been cited more than 11,000 times. See this Google Scholar listing (thanks to Vikash Gayeh).

Traffic Flow Webinars: Since 2010 we have hosted more than 35 Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics Webinars. From 2010-2011, this was done in partnership with the TrafficLab at Georgia Tech. You can join the Traffic Flow Webinar Google Group to make sure you are notified and also be sure to follow us on Facebook. If you have a topic to suggest or you would like to present a webinar, please contact us.

2014 TRB Annual Meeting: Click here for a quick summary of our meetings, sessions, and workshops to be held during the TRB Annual Meeting, to be held January 12-16, 2014 in Washington, D.C.

2014 Summer Meeting and Symposium Celebrating 50 Years of Traffic Flow Theory: Our 2014 Summer Meeting and Symposium in Portland, Oregon USA from August 11-13, 2014 is now concluded, presentations and photos are now posted!

Greenshields Prize: The 2014 Greenshields Prize has been announced and will be presented at the TRB Annual Meeting in January 2015 in Washington DC!

TRB Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics Information Resource Center: TRB has launched new committee-specific web portals, take a look and let us know what you think!

ISTTT 21: The 21st International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory will be held in Kobe, Japan from 5-7 August, 2015. We will hold a short summer meeting at the Symposium.

We look forward to your participation and involvement with this committee.


Robert L. Bertini, Chair
Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Portland State University


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